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Fire ExtinguisherMorgan Fire and Security Systems (MFS Systems) supply, fit and maintain Fire Extinguishers to the relevant British Standard.

The extinguisher should be properly serviced once a year. There are a number of independent schemes designed specifically for fire extinguishers and their maintenance. There is also a Government sponsored national organisation for the promotion of quality in fire equipment and related services - British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE). You can get details of approved products and advice by contacting us on 01691 672976 or [email protected] .

Extinguishers should be fitted where you can reach it quickly and easily and where its suitability for a particular fire can be checked quickly. The best place is on an escape route, that is, near an outside door, or on the route from the living areas to an outside door, or close to any perceived fire risk. It should be properly fixed to the wall at a height where it can be reached. Keep it out of the reach of children.

Fire extinguishers should be located where they can be easily seen. Locating them inside cupboards or behind doors will only waste valuable time if a fire breaks out. Do not place them over cookers or heaters or in places of extreme heat.


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