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Intruder Alarms
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MFS Intruder Alarm

NACOSS GoldProtecting your business from intruders is of paramount importance. It's not just the financial loss a break-in can cause, but also the disruption to your business. Many companies do not consider the full implications of a break-in - until it is too late.

Professionally installed and maintained electronic security systems are essential for all business premises as part of an integrated security solution. They act as a strong deterrent to intruders as well as alerting your staff and the police, should the need arise.

However, the type of system you choose is important.

For Intruder Alarms, 'bells-only' alarms deter intruders and may alert passers by, but will not get you an automatic police response. Insurers will normally insist that a remotely 'monitored alarm' is installed, where activation signals are sent to a monitoring centre, ensuring the police are contacted on your behalf in the event of a confirmed signal. Signals are filtered for false activations, avoiding the risk of losing police response to your alarm.

CCTV allows you to watch over your site and record intruder activity for evidence. However, it is essential to have a suitable system meeting the appropriate standards to ensure its effectiveness to do the job you want.

Access Control systems are also a way of keeping out unwanted visitors.

The company you choose to install and maintain your system is as important as the system itself. Many companies or individuals will tell you they install systems, often cheaply. But do they meet the standards of workmanship and service you would expect? Have they been security vetted? Will they be there quickly if you have a problem? And, most importantly, do they meet the requirements of the police and your insurer?


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